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I am Cardian松の木, an audio-visual hobbyist that primarily works with transforming other creations that already exist. In my visual work, I usually create manipulated images or layouts, and in my audio work I primarily create plunderphonics and vaporwave related work under multiple aliases.

It is with sincereness that I hope you enjoy experiencing what I have made as much as I enjoyed the process of making it.

My Main Project

As I previously mentioned, my main project is that under the Cardian松の木 alias, which I use mostly to create plunderphonics and vaporwave music. Embedded below is my most recent upload to my Bandcamp.

Currently displayed here is A Bunch Of Music I Never Properly Released. Usually I would leave an explanation of what I have here, but I believe that the title is succinct enough to explain exactly what it is. Contained within are many tracks that I either scrapped or never finished the projects they belonged to. Included in the Bandcamp description is a longer explanation of exactly why I've uploaded this compilation, along with some insight into what projects some of these tracks were removed from.

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